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Ολοκλήρωση του έργου CLICHA


Completion of CLICHA project

The 14th of October 2021 marks the completion of the CLICHA project. A project that tried to update the existing knowledge of the Tunisian HEIs on the issues of climate change and agriculture, by transferring the know-how from 3 European Partners, Greece, Italy and Latvia. The CLICHA project has been a 4-year journey that had serious impact on all the partners in a scientific, academic and personal level.

Scientifically, the partners had the opportunity to study deeply the effects of climate change on several sectors of agriculture. The combination of colleagues from different parts of the same field created a chain of knowledge that made it possible to understand, study and produce opinions on the current and future effects of climate change on agriculture as well as the necessary actions and mitigation measures that must be taken in order to minimize the upcoming dangers.

Academically, the connections created between the European and Tunisian HEIs gave new insights to all the participants and brought together different teaching cultures and methods. The creation of the e-platform and the production of more than 35 courses available online was the major outcome of the project, and a legacy that can be exploited by the Tunisian HEIs and the general public for the years to come.

Finally, in a personal level, this project came to strengthen the already present bonds between colleagues from a different origin but with the same goals: To broaden the scientific knowledge and to be able to pass it successfully to the young scientists so that they can face the future challenges with success. For the CLICHA consortium a nice journey comes to an end, and a new one is beginning: The exploitation of the work that has already been done and the discovery of future opportunities that could bring back the whole team in the same table.


Name: Dr. Iosif Bizelis | Organization: Agricultural University of Athens / Dr. Fatma Trabelsi | Organization: University of Jendouba, Higher School of Rural Equipment Engineers of Medjez El Bab

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