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Αριθμός Αναφοράς

101056984 - OACCUs - EU4H-2021-PJ


EU4Health Programme (EU4H)




  • University of Umeå (Sweden), 

  • Region Vasterbotten (Sweden), 

  • MotiMera (Sweden), 

  • Outdoor Against Cancer OAC (Germany), 

  • ESV Muenchen e.V. (Germany), 

  • University of Patras (Greece), 

  • CreThiDev (Greece), 

  • CEIPES (Italy), 

  • University of Palermo (Italy), 

  • LILT Palermo (Italy), 

  • University of Cadiz (Spain), 

  • University of Coimbra (Portugal), 

  • CHUC (Portugal), 

  • LIGA (Portugal)



OAC Connects Us

The project name OACCUs stands for OAC Sees (C) Us and OAC Connects Us. OACCUs will be a vital part of the new EU4Health network for young cancer survivors with its project slogan: ‘CHOOSE the HEALTHy way!’. The project is about fostering a future-oriented healthy lifestyle through four core elements: a) outdoor sports and exercise, b) psychoeducation, c) healthy nutrition and d) a healthy environment (or sustainable lifestyle). This is supported through the interaction and exchange with peers, people with a similar medical history, friends and health organizations (universities, young cancer survivor organizations, NGOs) of the participating project countries.

OACCUs pursues the idea of training young cancer survivors, their families and friends as ambassadors and coaches in each participating country and developing and sustaining a network of young cancer survivors. All 14 partners are already involved in the topic of young cancer survivors and / or have developed concepts for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of cancer together with partners in the past years.

OACCUs’ main outputs will be: a) a lively and sustainable youth network, b) training of numerous ambassadors and coaches as facilitators to support and further develop the network and c) provision of the OACCUs app to engage and connect youth participants.

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