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Αριθμός Αναφοράς



Erasmus+ Capacity Building for VET




Virtual Campus , Portugal - Coordinator

AINIA ,  Spain

IZS Teramo ,  Italy


Jordan University of Science & Technology ,  Jordan

Al Balqa Applied University ,  Jordan

Palestine Technical University Kadoorie ,  Palestine

Nablus University for Vocational and Technical Education



Food Law At Vocational Education and Training

The FLAVEaT project will draw knowledge from the participating EU Institutions, which offer courses on food legislation VET training and adapt it to the needs of the VET providers in Jordan and Palestine. The food industry will benefit from the creation of important steps in an upskilling path for VET education focusing on quality, and industry orientation.

The specific objectives of the project are:

• To create a capable and qualified professional VET staff that possess the technical, and practical abilities to do their job professionally by giving the required knowledge, and with high quality;

• To engage multi-stakeholder discussion groups in the reforming of current VET programs in the food sector;

• The creation of strategic partnerships between the VET educational institutions and the private sector through a strategic business support. This will bridge the gap between the academic teaching process and labour market needs;

• Enable academic and technical staff to design and develop VET programmes in topics related to food law;

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