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Erasmus+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training




1 Viesoji istaiga "Svietimo, tyrimu ir konsultaciju centras", Lithuania - Coordinator

2 Private Scientific Institution, Institute For Research In Environment, Civil Engineering And Energy, Skopje, North Macedonia

3 Basketball Federation of North Macedonia, North Macedonia

4 Creative Thinking Development, Greece


6 European Culture and Sport Organization, Italy



Developing Green Care Wellness Program for Professionals with Highly Stressful Jobs

The aim of the ENERGY project is to provide an innovative solution introducing green care wellness programs and methods to tackle work-related stress, faced by an increasing number of professionals and organisations. Addressing needs and challenges of a big number of professionals and support them with innovative VET program is our main goal. The project interprets health holistically, including wellbeing as part of the health concept, accepting a more dynamic health concept, combined and balanced with nature.

The ENERGY project will be delivered in two learning paths - blended learning for 30 participants in Lithuania and N. Macedonia who will have workshops in nature, exercises in forest and urban gardens and follow online education, and 100 participants in online education through the ENERGY Platform and implement the new skills in their workplace.

The main results address directly the needs of the target groups: VET Training Contents, VET Digital Training Platform, Practicum with Case Studies and Personalised Action Plan, Guidelines and Policy Recommendations.

Globally the project expects to involve directly in its activities along the project development about 400 professionals, 60 organisations and owner/managers/entrepreneurs, 20 Facilitators and 10 key actors (governmental organisations, decision makers).

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