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Αριθμός Αναφοράς



Erasmus+ Capacity Building for VET




1 Panepistimio Aigaiou, Greece, Coordinator

2 Jordan University of Science And Technology, Jordan 

3 Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan 

4 Amman Arab University, Jordan 

5 Mideast Aviation Academy, Jordan 

6 Eskisehir Teknik Universitesi, Turkey 

7 Kazimiero Simonaviciaus Universitetas, UAB, Lithuania 

8 Creative Thinking Development, Greece  



Aviation Safety Professional Diploma

Aviation Security Professional Diploma – ASPro, aim to address a gap in Jordanian aviation sector, were a coherent VET programme on aviation safety management system (SMS) does not exist and the sector suffers from under skilled and difficult to adjust to new regulations personnel.

The project aims to create upskilling paths for aviation industry personnel in the SMS field, by developing and accrediting a two years’ Technical Diploma certificate (according to formal CVET regulations) offered by Jordanian partner institutions and 3 post graduate level MOOCs which will be offered by the participating Jordanian HEIs Lifelong Learning centres. The project also aims to foster women employability in the sector, which is very low worldwide and also in Jordan.

During project implementation the principal of active participation of the industry in the design and development of VET curricula will be implemented as curriculum content and MOOCs subject will be co-decided with industrial stakeholders. Introduction of digital 3D technologies (3D printing and 3D scanning) and software-based learning will also contribute to the innovative and state-of-the-art character of the project and the Professional Diploma that will be accredited as a result.

Six selected courses of the Professional Diploma Specialisation will also be fully developed and piloted during the project implementation period, as well as the three MOOCs.

Partners in this project are organisations with complementary expertise in the field of the Aviation Security, Vocational Education and Training, as well as in Capacity Building Erasmus+ projects implementation.

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