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Second transnational meeting for HACKTEX project


Second transnational meeting for HACKTEX project

Last Tuesday, July 26th, Hacktex project consortium met for its second Transnational Project Meeting in Athens, Greece. The meeting was hosted by Cre.Thi.Dev. and started with a welcome from Mr. Dimos Papakpnstantinou. Right after that, Ms. Luminita Ciobanu, from TUASI, the partner coordinator also dedicated some words to the partnership, as it was the first physical meeting the consortium was able to hold because of the pandemics.

Afterwards, TUIASI continued with the introduction of general aspects of the project. Then, detailed financial guidelines and important issues and continued with the explanation of the R1, the Need anaysis report of current situation of smart textiles sector, which is leading.

After that, Heura Ventura, from UPC, explained to the rest of the partners the R1A2, the general guidelines of the educational methodology the Hacktex project will create.

Finally, the consortium agreed on the macrostructure the content of the virtual lessons would follow in a very productive and deep debate and set the next TPM in January 2023 in Rome. It will be hosted by CIAPE.

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