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REACT Digital

REACT Digital

Αριθμός Αναφοράς



ERASMUS+ KA226 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness


01/03/2021 - 28/02/2023


  • Det Europæiske Hus - European House, Denmark (Coordinator)

  • European Education Centre, Croatia,

  • NGO Center for Education and Project Management, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

  • CSI Center For Social Innovation LTD, Cyprus,

  • International Centre For Sustainable Development, Greece,

  • Coop. Soc. ALTERNATA SILoS, Italy,

  • Associação Promotora da Rede Dinâmica XXI APREDIN, Portugal,

  • Creative Thinking Development Greece,


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Ready, Active and Digital

The project’s main objective is to equip education and training systems to face the challenges presented by the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning, including supporting teachers/trainers to develop digital competences and safeguarding the inclusive nature of learning opportunities.

Specific objective: To give support to teachers and trainers in non-formal education by providing free online resources and teacher training for developing digital educational materials in order to enhance the inclusive nature of learning opportunities for NGOs, SMEs and public sector stakeholders.

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